You Can Make 'Sonic Ice' At Home (!) With This Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

ge nugget ice maker black friday sale 2022
This Countertop Nugget Ice Maker Is On Major Sale Courtesy of retailer

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As you prep to host Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and holiday parties that follow, you won't want to waste any time running out to get ice from the store or having it take up too much precious freezer space. A countertop ice maker is a fantastic solution, and the TikTok viral GE ice maker is on sale for $389.99 from Amazon, a shocking $140 off the original price. The sale price comes a week ahead of official Black Friday savings, a perfect time to get yours before the holidays.

It's called a "nugget ice maker" because each piece of ice is so mall. The device starts making ice in 20 minutes and doesn't require a water hook up. You just fill up the water chamber and let it run.

It can make up to one pound of ice in an hour, and has a three-pound collection chamber. Even if you don't use it all up, the water from any melted ice is then reused to make more ice. It's a beautiful thing, really. The circle of life, or, uh, should we call it the circle of ice?

It's also designed to be portable, so if you don't need to use it after your turkey dinner, you can pick it up and store it elsewhere until the next time you want ice.

Whether you use the ice for cocktails, water or, you know, just to chew on, the GE Countertop Nugget Ice Maker will be a huge help during this holiday season. It typically goes for over $500, so now is absolutely the time to buy one, with a 26 percent-off sale bringing the price to $389.99. Besides being ultra-functional, the stainless-steel design looks pretty on your counter. And you'll be able to relax at your party knowing your freezer has enough room for leftovers.

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