A song from the Disney movie 'Encanto' is taking over TikTok

A song from the Disney movie 'Encanto' is taking over TikTok. Everyone is talking about how we don't talk about Bruno. Disney's animated feature film Encanto has been a hit. Even its soundtrack is breaking records. The movie's standout track, written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" became the first Disney song to top the UK Singles Chart. like a lot of music today, the single's success has been fueled by TikTok. Encanto follows the story of the Madrigal family and its youngest daughter Mirabel. The Madrigal matriarch Alma fleed an armed conflict and lost her husband in the process, all while saving her triplets Julieta, Pepa and Bruno. As a reward for her bravery, Alma is granted a magic sentient house that protects the family and surrounding villagers. Each Madrigal family member is bestowed with a magic power, except for Mirabel. The song is about the Madrigal family's estranged uncle Bruno. Bruno's gift is that he can see the future, but as the song recounts, Bruno's visions have only brought the family great distress. There are over 403,000 videos featuring "We Don't Talk About Bruno," and the hashtag #encanto has 13.8 billion views

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