Son posts beautiful video of his mom's reaction to seeing him in his late father's shirt

Elena Sheppard

After a person we love dies, often their belongings take on extra special meaning in our lives. Such is the case for a young man named Clayton Walker, who took to Twitter to show a video of himself wearing a shirt that belonged to his father who died when Walker was only one.

The video shows him getting ready for a date night with his mom, who once seeing him in the shirt starts to get emotional. “You look good,” she says smiling, before she begins to cry. The two then share a hug and a few “I love yous.”

The tweet has gone viral with more than one million likes, and 11 million views, with many of the comments coming from people who also have special items they treasure that once belonged to a deceased parent.

One commenter responded about how he wears his dad cologne.

Another wrote about how he wears his dad’s hat.

Another man posted about how he wears his grandfather’s sweater.

Yet another commenter said that when she wears her dad’s clothes those who knew him tell her more about him.

Of course, a few people commenting on the post, threw some hate Walker’s way, saying he only posted this to go viral and bring attention to music he makes. He was quick to shut that down though writing, “the music is just a hobby.”

Walker further bolstered his point by showing a photo of his phone case which includes a collage of photos of his parents. “Keeps me humble,” he wrote.

The general sentiment from the thousands of comments Walker got was this: You’re a good man, and moms deserve the very best.

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