Someone On TikTok Put A Camera In A Running Dishwasher If You Want To See What That Looks Like

Kelly Allen
·1 min read

From The Pioneer Woman

We’ve all thought it: What does the inside of a running dishwasher look like? Well, if you haven’t Googled it in the past to find out, someone put a GoPro in their dishwasher and posted the video on TikTok for your viewing pleasure.

TikToker @interestingytvids took a 4K GoPro 8, set it in a dirty dishwasher, and turned it on to get a look at what goes on in there. The TikTok—which has almost 10 million views and thousands of comments—shows how the spray arms on the top and bottom of the machine shoot water out at the dishes inside it.

Look, I’m not saying I thought the whole machine filled up with soapy water...but I’m not not saying that. Even watching this video I’m still like, how does that actually work? One person in the comments wrote that they still don’t trust it. Others claimed the dishes weren’t clean after that. Mostly, though, people were amazed, because they’ve always wanted to know about the inner workings of this appliance.

Now that you know this info, do with it what you will. Maybe it’ll make you want to rinse your dishes more before putting them in the machine. Maybe it'll make you not want to use your dishwasher at all. Maybe it will have literally no affect on you, and you’ll forget about it. In any case, it’s a simple yet compelling video to watch.