What to Do When Someone Snakes You Surfing?

If you surf long enough, you will be snaked and you will snake someone.

Whether it’s by accident, or on purpose, snaking (or drop-ins, burning, shoulder-hopping, etc.) is inevitable. But the question is: What to do when it happens?

Well, one surfer posed this question, igniting a social media controversy.

The clip comes from Yury Tsedenov, aka Skipper Surf Review, a New York-based surfer and surf product reviewer. It shows Yury getting snaked on the “wave of the day.” The video then asks the question: “What do you do?”

As Yury rides the wave behind the snaking surfer, he runs through his options:

1. Yell.

2. Lecture about surf etiquette.

3. Scream “party wave!”

4. Suck it up.

Ultimately, Yury does none of these things. Instead, he high-fives the surfer at the end of their shared ride. Sort of a twist ending to this clip.

The conversation didn’t end there, though. The comments section (moderately) blew up with people offering their own suggestions what to do:

“On that wave, let it go.”

“Depends where you are and if there are cameras. If it’s your playground, don’t take ahit [sic]. If it’s not, suck it up and try not to catch a beat down.”

“Party wave all day.”

“U drop in on people all the time how does it feel it being done to u.”

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Technically, Yury was burned, and the other surfer is in the wrong. But in dealing with it, that’s where things get murky.

A high-five is a nice alternative to the more common tactics – i.e. yelling – so, kudos to Yury for staying positive. After all, snaking is inescapable in surfing…might as well go with the flow and not lose your cool. There will always be another wave.


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