Solange Gives Jane Fonda a Run for Her Money in Her Latest Look

Solange’s latest look is fit for an aerobics class in outer space.

When it comes to iconic workout wardrobes, Jane Fonda’s ’80s aerobics videos remain untouchable. From the metallic blue French-cut bodysuits to the opaque lilac tights, chunky white sneakers, and leg warmers (of course), Fonda’s iconic looks created a style subculture that’s still in effect today—that is, if you take those retro gym staples as examples of proto-athleisurewear.

Now, almost 40 years later, Solange is giving Fonda a run for her money. While the newly anointed Parsons honoree usually favors sleek blazers or simple, silky garments, the multimedia artist just posted an Instagram photo in an ensemble that looks fit for an aerobics class in outer space: wearing a cut-out black bodysuit, metallic cowboy boots with matching bangles, and oversize hoop earrings, Solange seems to be adding a futuristic touch to Fonda’s somewhat outdated workout wardrobe. All Solange needs to complete the exercise-ready look are some silver-hued leg warmers. Whether it’s an homage to Fonda or just a coincidence, Solange’s outfit will undoubtedly inspire you step up your workout style game this summer.

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