Sofia Vergara’s Son Brought Taylor Swift to the #Jofia Wedding

Lauren Tuck
·News Editor

Manolo Vergara moments before walking his mother down the aisle. “Yes. I cried. #Jofía,” he captioned this photo on Instagram. Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

Amidst all the dress excitement and Pitbull rumors, it was easy to lose sight of the biggest news to come out of this weekend’s most-talked-about celebrity bash. Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, Sofia Vergara’s 22-year-old son, brought Taylor Swift as his date to his mother’s wedding on Saturday. Technically, he brought a photo of the 1989 artist, but he was no less enthusiastic about their big night out.

The adult man and printed image shall henceforth be known as “the couple.” Together, they got their tan on before Manolo’s mom wed Joe Manganiello at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, relaxed in a hammock to relieve some stress, and spent some quality time with family. Manolo, who recently graduated from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, is so committed to his relationship with Taylor Swift that he’s coined a hashtag for their couple adventures: #Taynolo.

The pair has been deeply committed since 31 weeks ago, according to Instagram, when Manolo popped the question to a wax figure of the “Bad Blood” singer at Madam Tussauds in New York City.


“I asked, and she said Yes! Wedding is in June. #Swiftamine #BeStillMyHeart #Swoon” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

Manolo, being maybe the first Millennial to use a printer since Snapchat launched, created a hard copy of the moment (henceforth considered their first date!) and that’s when the relationship started getting hot and heavy (although not too hot or too heavy to avoid destruction).

They took naps together and spooned.


“Bae caught me sleepin’ #CuddleSesh #IWokeUpLikeThis #BonNuit #Taynolo #ItsMomentsLikeThese” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

She even spent the night sometimes.


“I won’t tell Calvin if you won’t. #IMissedYaBaby #Reunited #CaughtRedHanded #InFlagranteDelicto #WhereAreMyHandsActually #ThisIsntLoveItIsDestiny #Taynolo” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

They went on a romantic Amtrak getaway.


“#TB to the best train ride of my life. #TBT #TheSeatIsTaken #GoingPlaces #RomanticGetaway #Taynolo” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

Supported one another during pivotal moments in their lives. For example she/it accompanied Manolo to his writing final.


“So sweet of bae to come support me at my writing final #ItsTheLittleThings #Inspiration #UsAgainstTheWorld #Taynolo” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

And helped him celebrate his birthday with flowers and cake.


“Sweets for my sweet. Flowers for my flower. Tacos for my…never mind. #YallThoughtIWasntGonnaBringHerToTheParty #MapoleonBonaparty.” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

While he bought every magazine cover she appeared on in 2015.


“It’s so wonderful to see how close they’ve become #InLaw #HugsAndKisses #LikeANewDaughter #MyLadies #DoesThisCountAsHavingCommonInterests #StopFollowingMe #Taynolo.” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

And he even contributed to ticket sales at The Taylor Swift Experience, an exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, California.


“THERE IS A HEAVEN. IT DOES EXIST. I HAVE BEEN TO THE PROMISED LAND #Taynolo #Bae #Swiftamine #LikeACathedralForYes #TaylorSwiftEXP.” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

He played the part of chivalrous partner, making sure she was safely secured on road trips (because here’s no weight limit when it comes to buckling up).


“Midnight, come and pick me up, no headlights (which just seems unnecessarily dangerous) #SundayDriveWithBae #SafetyFirst #Taynolo.” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

The young couple’s wedding was supposed to happen in June, but it seems they’ve extended their engagement.

So following an eight-month courtship, it was only natural that paper Taylor Swift would accompany Manolo to his mother’s destination wedding.

They prepped together.


“Weddings are stressful. #Stop #HammockTime #DrawMeLikeOneOfYourLatinGirls #Jofía” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

And even got some sun.


“Chilling by the pool with my date. #Bae #Taynolo #PlusOne #Jofía.” Photo:@manologonzalezvergara/Instagram

No word yet on whether the couple went home together following the reception—or if he ditched his inanimate girlfriend for someone more tangible—but based on his level of commitment, I’d venture to guess that he had a night of paper cut-inducing cuddling. #Taynolo forever.

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