Sofia Vergara Is Unrecognizable in New Netflix Drama 'Griselda'

Sofia Vergara's latest TV role is a departure from Gloria Pritchett. The Modern Family alum transformed into the Black Widow aka Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco for Netflix's new limited series Griselda.

"This was a chance to reinvent herself and step out of her comfort zone, which was very brave of her," director Andrés Baiz said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "She knew she had to dive in completely into this role and feel insecure and afraid, but she knew that all she had was her work, that she had to push herself to the limit."

Writer Eric Newman has previously shared that “Griselda Blanco has long been a passion project" for Vergara. When it was announced in 2021 that the Hot Pursuit actress would be portraying the Cocaine Godmother, she said in a statement: "Griselda Blanco was a larger-than-life character whose ruthless but ingenious tactics allowed her to rule a billion dollar empire years before many of the most notorious male kingpins we know so much about."

Here's everything to know about Sofia Vergara's drama series, Griselda, including the release date, cast, the true story it's based on and more.

<p>Elizabeth Morris/Netflix </p>

Elizabeth Morris/Netflix

Who is Griselda Blanco?

Griselda Blanco, aka the "Black Widow" or the "Black Widow of Medellín," was a notorious Colombian drug lord who was said to be a key figure in the Medellín Cartel during the 1970s and 1980s. She was involved in drug trafficking, murder and other criminal activities, and was known for her ruthlessness.

What is Griselda about?

The limited series, created by Eric Newman, Doug Miro, Ingrid Escajeda and Carlo Bernard, was inspired by the life of real-life Colombian drug lord, Griselda Blanco. The logline for the show reads: "In 1970s-80s Miami, Blanco’s lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm helped her expertly navigate between business and family, leading her to become widely known as 'the Godmother.'"

Did Griselda go to jail?

Yes, Griselda was arrested and convicted for her involvement in drug trafficking and other criminal activities in 1985, and sentenced to a lengthy prison term in the United States. In 2004, when she was deported to Colombia, where she lived until her murder in 2012.

Is Griselda Blanco still alive?

No. The cartel leader was killed in 2012. Reuters reported at the time that Blanco was shot twice in Medellin, Colombia, at the age of 69. Given Blanco's long history of crime, including drug trafficking and murder, she was a target for rival drug lords and law enforcement. Her violent death marked the end of a notorious criminal career that spanned several decades.

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What is the Griselda release date?

The limited series premieres Jan. 25, 2024 at 3 a.m. EST.

How to watch Griselda?

Griselda will be available on Netflix.

How many episodes of Griselda will there be?

There will be six 50-minute episodes to watch.

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p>

Courtesy of Netflix

Who is in the Griselda cast?

The drama series stars:

Sofía Vergara as Griselda Blanco

Alberto Guerra as Dario Sepúlveda

Vanessa Ferlito as Maria Gutierrez

Martin Rodriguez as Rivi Ayala

Alberto Ammann as Alberto Bravo

Christian Tappan as Arturo Mesa

Juliana Aidén Martinez as June Hawkins.

Griselda's guest stars include: Karol G, Fredy Yate, Paulina Dávila, José ZúñigaCamilo Jiménez Varón and more.

Is there a trailer for Griselda?

The official trailer has not yet been released, but Netflix debuted the first teaser on Sept. 21 showing Vergara as the Colombian queenpin.

“I heard that you like my product,” Griselda says in the teaser. “We can make a lot of money together." When a man asks, “Who is the one in charge?” Vergara's character is seen glaring at him.

Watch the teaser for Griselda below:

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