Sofia Richie’s Net Worth Really Puts Her Relationship With Ex Scott Disick Into Perspective

Jenzia Burgos

When you’re Lionel Richie’s daughter, you already know that you’ve got plenty going for you. But Sofia Richie’s net worth reveals that she’s so much more than the legendary singer’s kid. At 21, Sofia is a model, reality star, and Instagram influencer-extraordinaire. Oh, and she dated Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s Scott Disick. No biggie.

All of that means that Sofia boasts a pretty hefty net worth, especially for her age. Though some might now be wondering if the young star is earning more or less than Scott Disick after their recent breakup. Truth be told, there’s a reason why everyone calls Scott, 37, “Lord Disick”—he’s packing a lot of money...

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