Sofia Carson Reveals She Almost Wasn’t in the "Descendants" Films

Tamara Fuentes
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Photo credit: David Bukach - Getty Images
Photo credit: David Bukach - Getty Images

From Seventeen

While the Descendants series is known for having some of the most perfect casting ever, someone else almost stepped into the role of Evie in the Disney hit instead of Sofia Carson.

We definitely can't imagine the film series without her, so it is surprising to hear that she almost missed her audition for — wait for it — a guest starring role on Liv and Maddie.

"I remember I shot Austin & Ally over the summer, and I think my first audition for Descendants was that fall," Sofia said while appearing on Chicks in the Office. "Disney Channel, the casting world had already kind of gotten to know me a little bit, but when I was up for my first role for Descendants, I didn’t get it."

"It was not until I think February, I was up for a role on Liv and Maddie, another guest starring role, and I got sick. And for some reason, I couldn’t do the guest starring role, and that was the reason I was able to go to the Descendants callback," she revealed. "It was this whole weird thing that have I gotten the Liv and Maddie role, I wouldn’t have been able to be cast as Evie."

Either way, she would have gotten the chance to work with fellow Descendants star Dove Cameron. While we don't know what guest starring role she would have played on the show, it definitely would've been totally different for both the show and the film series.

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