How Sofary is adjusting the lighting business model to sell for less

When it comes to buying lighting products today, we can be put off by the surprisingly high prices. Many people aren’t aware of how expensive it can be to buy a lighting product, such as a chandelier. When you go to buy a chandelier, you might immediately be put off by the sheer initial cost. There are numerous reasons why a chandelier can be so expensive, though. These reasons include but are not limited to:

  • The actual cost of having the framing and the crystal made for a chandelier is not cheap. This can add to the cost, as it usually has to be manufactured by specific companies.

  • Also, importation is a big cost. Most companies have their chandeliers manufactured abroad and then shipped over to them. This adds a big cost to the overall price.

  • Another common reason for the cost, though, comes from the fact that the seller and those middlemen, like importer, distributors, and wholesaler, need to make money from the product. Each of they’ll add a large percentage into the cost to ensure they make a profit.

  • Add in the cost of other things like storage and maintenance of a chandelier, too, and it’s easy to see why they tend to be so expensive.

So, while the quality of the work is often part of the price, it’s also down to transit, storage, and maintenance. If you are looking to buy a lighting product, like a chandelier, then you have to appreciate the work that goes into having it made, shipped, and then delivered. However, you do not necessarily need to be bankrupt for it. That’s why so many people come to shop with SOFARY.

What does SOFARY do differently than other companies?

At SOFARY, they make sure you pay a fair price for a high-quality product. Sofary began with a simple conviction: Beautiful modern lighting shouldn’t be so expensive. They set their mission to bring beautiful lighting to every home through fair pricing and commitment to our customers. For years, they watched middlemen and retailer’s profit from massive markups, putting designer lighting out of reach for most consumers. They’re changing all that, bringing luxury lighting products directly from manufacturers to customers – for a fraction of the price.

With Sofary, you’re buying directly from the designers and manufacturers that make your lighting fixture. Their process eliminates importers, distributors, wholesaler, and other middlemen – and their price mark-ups. Their aim is to help make sure that you are getting a chandelier that is built to the highest standard – all without losing quality while keeping payment fair so that you don’t have to spend a needless excess on your lighting.

Sofary also offer a customisation option. Many chandelier companies don’t offer the chance to get bespoke and really edit and adjust your choice of chandelier. So, if you are looking to invest in a chandelier and you want to make sure it suits your specific needs, you have to turn to SOFARY.

With Sofary Lighting’s excellent range of chandelier products and their commitment to quality, you can make sure that you are left with a chandelier with best quality and, crucially, easy to pay for. With affordable adjustment and customisation, Sofary will make sure that you always get the value that you want, need, and expect.

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