Social media users are divided over Kim Kardashian’s chocolate hack: ‘Why would you do this’

Morgan Greenwald
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Though they aren’t professional chefs by any stretch of the imagination, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters love giving out cooking tips and recipes online.

The youngest of the bunch, Kylie Jenner, is easily the most vocal when it comes to food tips and tricks. Over the years, she’s shared recipes for everything from easy ramen to cereal-crusted French toast. On July 27, she even shared her take on avocado toast, which includes avocado, red pepper flakes and a healthy drizzle of honey.

However, Kylie isn’t the only one who enjoys sharing pearls of cooking wisdom with her followers. Back in November, Kim Kardashian also made culinary news when she shared the “strange” way she enjoys eating M&Ms.

“Put them on a plate then in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will change your life!” Kim told a fan on Twitter. “Melted on the inside and crunch on the outside.”

Though Kim’s chocolate hack is now several months old, TikTok users are only now discovering — and sharing — it.

On July 31, one user named nicalarochelle shared that she is “addicted to” microwaving her chocolate ever since Kim divulged her secret.

“I eat this every night,” the home chef captioned her step-by-step video, which has nearly 400,000 likes. “You’re welcome.”

Once again, people are divided about Kim’s unusual chocolate-eating technique.

Some people (like myself) simply can’t understand why anyone would want melted chocolate.

“No why would you do this,” one person said.

“Frozen > melted,” another user added.

“Wait that’s illegal,” a third person commented.

However, many other users noted that this is the only way they eat M&Ms.

“I love doing thisss it’s SO GOOD,” one person noted.

“The only way to eat these,” another user reiterated.

“IV ALWAYS DONE THIS, ITS AMAZING,” a third person exclaimed.

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