Social media users are begging for these two strangers on Facebook to date. Here's why

Two strangers have become the

talk of Facebook after the photographer

captured their undeniable chemistry.

On July 13, Cassie Bailey, a birth and

family photographer, shared photos of

Heather John and Baxter Jackson.

“They both replied to my ad for a single female

& a single male to meet up and do a session”.

According to Bailey and news station

WVEC, John is a 23-year-old single mother

of two who is currently studying for a

master’s degree in social work.

Jackson, on the other hand, has been stationed

in Hampton Roads with the Navy since January.

“When I tell you they instantly clicked,

they instantly clicked! PLUS LOOK HOW GOOD

THEY LOOK TOGETHER!” Bailey wrote. “They did

exchange information, so we shall see”.

Bailey’s series of photos has since

gone viral, garnering over 43,000 likes

and more than 18,000 comments.

In an interview with WVEC, John and

Jackson revealed that they had actually

felt a connection during the shoot and

have three dates planned already

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