So Apparently This Is The Right Way To Hang Toilet Paper

Molly Shea

It’s official: Toilet paper should hang in this direction. (Photo: Getty Images)

Congratulations, fans of flipping the end of a toilet paper roll over the top — your method is officially the right one. Writer Owen Williams tweeted a picture of the original patent for a toilet paper roll (yes, it exists), filed in 1891 by Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company. In the picture, below, the sketch clearly shows that the original TP roll flips over the top, putting an end to years of debate.

Want to get people talking? Ask them which way they hang their toilet paper and then argue for the opposite. Legendary advice columnist Ann Landers has called the debate the most controversial topic she’s ever covered — an answered letter in the Chicago Tribune in the 1980s once brought in more that 15,000 responses from impassioned readers. The most recent survey on the topic, from 2004, found that 72 percent of Americans prefer to hang their TP over the top of the roll, and a survey from Cottonelle found that “over” fans are more likely to notice when a roll is hanging in the “wrong” direction. The best part? Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed had flipped a roll at a friend’s house.

Here’s hoping this latest development puts a damper on the furious debate — and saves a few friendships. Have you been right all along? If not, will you make the switch to the OG TP method? Tell us below and tweet us at @YahooHealth with your verdict.

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