SNL's Kate McKinnon Stars in Super Bowl Spot Alongside Gorgeous Cat

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In addition to the Puppy Bowl, a lot of us are super excited to see what sort of adorable animals will star in the commercials during Super Bowl LVIII, which will take place on February 11.

Hellman's gave us a sneak peak at one of these spots, which features SNL alum Kate McKinnon struggling to juggle jars of mayonnaise alongside a gorgeous cat called 'Mayo Cat.'

The teaser features real-life cat mom McKinnon attempting to wrangle the pretty kitty while also showing the photographer, who for some reason calls her 'Mommy' the label on the jars.

It has the same vibe as Taylor Swift's gorgeous Time Person Of The Year magazine cover!

People magazine reports, "The full commercial will air during Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11. It will center around Hellmann's “Make Taste, Not Waste” platform and hopes to inspire viewers to reduce food waste, another passion of McKinnon's besides cats."

We'll be anxiously awaiting the full spot on Super Bowl Sunday!

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Other Famous Super Bowl Commercials That Featured Cute Animals

A perpetual favorite of big game viewers, last year the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale horses only had about 5 seconds of airtime during Budweiser's Super Bowl spot. This may have been due to a public outcry after Budweiser had been docking the tails of the beautiful horses. This was a sad mistake due to the fact that everyone always adores the Budwesier spots featuring the horses and puppies.

Dog food brand Farmer's Dog brought everyone to tears last year with an absolutely gorgeous spot that featured the lifetime of a beloved family dog from puppy-dom to his senior years. Just thinking about this commercial gets us all weepy.

Another favorite last year featured Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry for Bud Light, but the star of this spot was the couple's adorable French Bulldog, Bugsy.

In 2009, Pedigree dog food promoted their adoption drive with a hilarious spot that suggested people 'Get a dog' rather than the other exotic animals people had as pets in the commercial.

From 15 years ago, this Cat Herding spot from EDS is still one of the best Super Bowl spots featuring animals of all time.

Last year's Amazon ad featured a very lonely dog with the best twist ending.

Animals always make for a memorable Super Bowl commercial, and we can't wait to see what agencies come up with this year.

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