Sneak Peek at New Climbing Gear From the Big Gear Show

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The Big Gear Show returned to Park City this year with more brands, more people, and more gear. The BGS combined work and play by taking the whole shebang outdoors. Close proximity to trails and water made it easy to contextualize--and in some cases test out--new and soon-to-be-released gear. Check out some of the most promising releases for climbers.

Unparallel Flagship Shoe

<span>Unparallel Flagship </span>(Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Unparallel Flagship (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

When Sang Lee, who previously owned the factory that manufactured Five Ten, started the California-based Unparallel, we couldn't help but expect great things. Unparallel's new shoe, the Flagship, didn’t disappoint. The Flagship is a slipper with a split-rubber outsole for optimal sensitivity and support. A third type of rubber wraps the toe for better friction while toe-hooking. Because it was constructed with synthetics only, it's vegan-friendly. It was designed with input from Olympic climber Tomoa Narasaki, but functions just as well on rock as plastic. Pick from both regular or low-volume versions for the best fit.

$169, available now.

Black Diamond Long Haul Harness

<span class="article__caption">Black Diamond Long Haul Harness</span> (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Black Diamond Long Haul Harness (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

The beloved Big Gun harness, along with Black Diamond's entire big wall line, is getting an upgrade. This new version, called the Long Haul, is 50 grams lighter and more comfortable than its predecessor, with modern design details like: a new colorway, infinity stitching around the belay loops (so no seams!), softer edging around leg loops and the waistband, lighter buckles, thinner loops, and a lower profile--but just as supportive--back panel with modified foam to increase breathability. The classic features remain, including five gear loops, dual belay loops, and additional attachment points.

$TBD, available Spring 2023

Petzl Spirit Carabiner

<span class="article__caption">Petzl Spirit Carabiners</span> (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Petzl Spirit Carabiners (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

Another fan-favorite is coming back better than ever. The next edition of the Petzl Spirit Carabiner has been shrunk down both vertically and laterally for a slightly smaller size to fit better in your hand. At just 37 grams, the Spirit Carabiner is two grams lighter than the previous model, which saves you four to five grams when using the assembled quickdraw. They'll be available in six colors for an easily-customizable (and aesthetically pleasing) rackpack and in both bent and straight-gate varieties.

$11.95 per carabiner and $23-$25 per quickdraw, available Spring 2023

Blue Ice Halo Harness

<span class="article__caption">Blue Ice Halo Harness</span> (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Blue Ice Halo Harness (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

Climbers looking to save weight will appreciate Blue Ice's new Halo harness. The harness is constructed with a new material, Ultrahigh Molecular Weighted Polyethylene (UHMWPE), in evenly distributed strips for strength and support. The Halo is lightweight, but it won't fold in on itself like other harnesses in the category, and packs down into a tight roll barely bigger than your hand. A narrow, continuous belay loop and reinforced gear loops round things out for a harness with all the benefits of minimalist design and none of the shortcuts.

$189.95, available Spring 2023

Scarpa Vapor Slipper

Scarpa Vapor Slipper (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Scarpa Vapor Slipper (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

Scarpa's newest version of the Vapor will allow climbers to completely remove the velcro strap. When you want a pure low-profile and snag-free slipper, the strap comes off in a snap; when you need more tension, hitch it on for a more secure fit. The Vapor Slipper will also be the softest shoe in the whole family compared to the laceup and Vapor V models.

$229, available Spring 2023

Grivel Plume HMS Twin Carabiner

<span class="article__caption">Grivel Twin Carabiner</span> (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Grivel Twin Carabiner (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

The Plume HMS Carabiner features twin gates which open in opposite directions to prevent accidental openings, and they're much easier to maneuver with one hand than traditional twist locks. By cutting out the bulky screw component on gates, the Plume HMS also saves on weight and volume.

$16.99, available now

Adidas/Five Ten Wind Jacket

<span class="article__caption">Adidas Terrex Wind Jacket</span> (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Adidas Terrex Wind Jacket (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

The Five Ten Wind Jacket puts a new spin on weatherproofing. This water-resistant jacket doesn't require a DWR finish thanks to an especially tight weave that naturally blocks moisture. It won't keep you 100% dry through a torrential downpour, but you'll be just fine in light drizzles. Without DWR, you can expect this jacket to perform for longer since there's no need to worry about the lifespan of the coating compared to the jacket itself. It also reduces the product's environmental impact by getting around the inevitable leakage of toxic byproduct that results from typical DWR use. The jacket features a low-cut hem in the back, which offers coverage even when the jacket is pinched underneath a harness, and it packs tight into its own pocket for easy portability all the way from basecamp to summit.

$99, available Fall 2022 in black, Spring 2023 in additional colorways

Roll Recovery R1 Percussion Massager

Roll Recovery R1 Percussion Massager (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Roll Recovery R1 Percussion Massager (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

Nothing tackles tendinitis and tight muscles like a vigorous massage. But it's tough to justify making room for your typical massage gun on a climbing trip when there are plenty of other essentials that take priority. The R1 Percussion Massager from Roll Recovery takes the guesswork out of that decision by packing all the same power into a manageably small package that fits in the palm of your hand and clocks in at just over one pound. With seven hours of battery life, you might not even need to bring the charger on the road. The R1 comes with four head attachments and operates in four speeds. Plus, it comes in four colors. Best of all, a nearly silent hum means you won't disturb your tentmates when you're enjoying the sweet release of those death-pumped forearms before bed.

$129, available now, and check out our review here

Trailform Micra Backpack Chair

<span class="article__caption">Trailform Micra Backpack</span> Chair (Photo: Lucie Hanes)
Trailform Micra Backpack Chair (Photo: Lucie Hanes)

Trailform’s Micra Backpack Chair combines two needs into one: storage on the way and comfort when you get there. This pack morphs into a frame chair in thirty seconds flat, without having to take anything out of the bag in the process. Keep your shoes, chalk, and snacks right where they are across six large pockets and pop a squat before pulling on. The whole thing, chair frame and all, weighs just 2.7 pounds and has a 28-liter capacity. Even when not in chair mode, the full top-to-bottom zipper opening, roll-top closure, and array of organizational options help streamline your whole day.

$169, available now

LIVSN Trail Tights

<span class="article__caption">LIVSN Trail Tights</span> (Photo: LIVSN)
LIVSN Trail Tights (Photo: LIVSN)

No need to choose between three evils anymore: bloody knees, torn leggings, or tight pants. Made with recycled nylon and spandex, the LIVSN Trail Tights are fit to handle a few scraps with the wall and come out unscathed. They're stretchy enough to make that heel-hook above your head possible (as long as your hips are up for it), sturdy enough to withstand a beached-whale mantle move, and even grippy enough to withstand a little kneebar action while your pad's still airing out on the ground. Better still, you've got four pockets to choose from for easy access to snacks, notes, maps, or your phone in between pitches or on the approach. And if you do happen to tear them up, send them in for a "surprise me" repair that adds a touch of custom flair to your leggings in celebration of giving them a second life.

$99, available now

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