What Are Snapchat Streaks and Why Should You Do Them?

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Picture this: You're curled up in bed after a long day, first scrolling through your FYP on TikTok, then checking out a celeb's latest vacation pics on Instagram, and now you're opening up Snapchat and see the fire emoji (🔥) next to your BFF's name.

You may be familiar with a verification check on other platforms, but on Snapchat, that fire emoji means you and your bestie are on a Snapchat streak (aka Snapstreak) and it's a way to improve your Snapchat score. What's the point of this, besides boosting your score? For starters, it's just fun. And secondly, it allows you bragging rights with the squad.

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The number next to the emoji signifies that you and a friend have snapped each other something that many days in a row. According to Snapchat's own support page, the fire emoji will start appearing after you have snapped with the same person for three consecutive days. The more you snap that friend (and they snap you back within 24 hours) the higher your streak is.

Here are important things to know before you and your BFF start trying to have the highest Snapchat streak in the squad:

  • Chatting with someone does NOT count as a streak. You must snap them a photo or video, and it must be something new, not from your Memories.

  • If you send a snap to a group that includes someone you're doing streaks with, it won't count toward your Snapstreak.

  • Snapping a friend using the Spectacles glasses camera doesn't work for streaks.

  • An hourglass emoji (⌛️) will appear next to your friend's name if your streak with them is about to expire.

  • The 100 emoji (💯) appearing next to a friend's name means you reached a streak of 100 days. It will disappear as you continue your Snapstreak.

Now that you know the do's and don't's of Snapchat streaks, get out there and see how long you and your friends can keep it going! FYI, the longest streak is going to be tough to beat.

Oh, and while you're on the app, be sure to check out Seventeen's Snapchat Discover page 😘.


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