Smirnoff's New Seltzer is the Ultimate Star-Spangled Beverage for Memorial Day

Rebecca Norris
Photo credit: Smirnoff
Photo credit: Smirnoff

From Country Living

  • Memorial Day is on Monday, May, 25, but typical Memorial Day celebrations are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Nonetheless, Smirnoff released a new flavor of hard seltzer to celebrate the patriotic holiday and the start of summer.

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 25. While it’s typically a time to host outdoor barbecues with family and friends to kick off summer, this year things are a little bit different.

Fortunately, Smirnoff understands our desire to celebrate the patriotic holiday and the first days of what’s sure to be a very different summer, so they decided to gift us with a brand new flavor of spiked seltzer.

Just in time for summer, Smirnoff's "Red, White, & Berry" is the latest addition to the brand’s line of hard seltzers (and not to mention the most photogenic, we might add). When chilled, the simple red, white, blue, and silver color-changing cans transform into a star-spangled, photo-ready masterpiece.

As if the packaging alone weren’t enough to make you want to buy a 12-pack, the fact that each can boasts the fan-favorite flavor but with zero sugar and just 90 calories will do the trick. And if you still crave the traditional Red, White, & Berry malt beverage, don’t worry, they’re still available too.

But, remember: Smirnoff Red, White, & Berry is a limited-edition flavor, so run, don’t walk to your nearest grocery store (and don’t forget to wear a mask as you do so). If that still feels particularly jarring to you given the current times, simply click over to Drizly to get a 12-pack (or two) delivered straight to your door.

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