How to Smell Exactly Like Sydney Sweeney

sydney sweeney armani fragrance
How to Smell Exactly Like Sydney SweeneyArmani

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Sydney Sweeney has never, ever been happier—to be the new face of Giorgio Armani Beauty's My Way Parfum. "I'm very excited to be working with Armani because I feel like it's an organic and natural partnership for myself," she tells "Once I was introduced to Armani My Way, I felt like I finally found my fragrance and what works for me and what smells like me, and just truly feels like a very Syd smell. I'm really excited for what's to come."

sydney sweeney armani my way
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The new My Way Parfum won't be available until March in stores, but a limited number of bottles will be available on Armani's site on January 30. The latest iteration of the floral, woody, and vanilla scent is the most intense yet—with sustainably-sourced ingredients and a genius bottle that can be refilled again and again from home.

"I was immediately struck by Sydney’s energy and fresh attitude, which show in her open, genuine smile. She has determination and talent and is one of the most versatile and magnetic young actors of the moment," Giorgio Armani says in a brand statement. "All this makes her the perfect embodiment of the My Way spirit: a free and profound idea of femininity."

Here, the Euphoria actress and executive producer tells us all about her love for the luxury fashion house's makeup and fragrance, what her home smells like, and the Sydney Sweeney-approved strategy for applying the perfect amount of perfume.

On Armani's love of cinema: Armani is so collaborative and influenced by cinema. And Mr. Armani says that he wouldn't have been who he is today without it. And it's a huge childhood passion of his which, of course, it's my main childhood passion. So being able to work with a brand that's so influenced by the media is such a beautiful thing.

On her favorite makeup: I'm a huge fan of Armani's makeup. I've been using it for six years now. My makeup artist Melissa Hernandez introduced me to it, and I'm so glad she did, because it's changed how I do my makeup and what products I use.

armani my way

On becoming a producer: I'm actually in Italy right now in pre-production for my film Immaculate. And I'm really excited for us to get into production and start filming in the top of the year. So it's been a lot of hard work, but it's worth it.

On the best-smelling person she knows: I'm having to like try and think of what different people smell like! I'm with my makeup artist Mel all the time and she always smells really good. I like my dad's cologne, too. It smells like childhood to me. I don't know—I have to think more about this! I'm going to go around smelling people now.

On living an eco-conscious life: I've always been really passionate about [sustainability] and I'm so excited that the bottle is refillable. I mean number one, the bottle is just so beautiful in itself and I wouldn't ever want to throw it away. So being able to have a bottle that you can refill and you can travel with and you can bring it everywhere. That's really important to me. I try to find different ways in my personal life everyday to be as sustainable as possible. Whether it's taking really short showers or not using straws, really anything possible to try and help the world in any way I can.

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On what My Way means to her: I think my way truly signifies carving up my own path, doing things my own way and being as fearless and free spirited as possible as I do so. That was one of the biggest reasons that I loved this collaboration because I truly felt like it was genuinely me as a person.

On her new hair color: This is my natural hair color. I just grew out my hair and cut off all the dead blonde!

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On what smells like home: Vanilla. I'm obsessed with vanilla. And I have vanilla candles burning everywhere all the time. A good campfire smells like home to me. And an Italian home-baked meal, like sausage and peppers or or any pasta.

On how she applies fragrance like a pro: I spray it on myself, spray it on my clothes, spray it in the air. I better smell like My Way for the rest of the day.

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