Sloth at San Antonio Zoo Falls Asleep Eating Breakfast and Everyone Can Relate

I've heard it time and time again that 'the early bird gets the worm,' but I know I'm not the only one who feels less productive the earlier I wake up. I won't deny that I'm not a morning person, but I genuinely do function better with that extra hour of sleep in the morning. I blame it on the insomnia that keeps me up late no matter how exhausted I am, but I can't help feeling jealous of this sloth from the San Antonio Zoo who gets to snooze his whole day away.

In fact, he fell asleep during breakfast! Sol, the two-fingered sloth, still had a leaf in his mouth as he carelessly conked out mid-meal, but one lucky zookeeper was there to capture the silly moment on camera. It was such a cute and relatable thing to do that the zoo posted it on their TikTok on February 7!

Aww--what a sleepy guy! Sol, which means 'sun' in both Latin and Spanish, doesn't seem like the type to rise with the sun despite his adorable name. He looks so cozy perched in his corner of the zoo habitat, and he doesn't even notice the zoo worker with a camera coming in for a close-up.

As much as the sleepy sloth's antics made me smile, the comments on @sanantoniozoo's video had me smiling even more. It turns out that everyone can relate to this sleepy sloth pup!

"I mean--we've all been there," agreed viewer @rudecorndog. No kidding! I catch my fiancé asleep on the couch after work with a snack in his hand on a regular basis (who can blame him?), and those are the moments when I'm most sure that he is the one. Anyone who prioritizes snacks gets a green flag from me!

How Much--and What-- Do Sloths Eat?

Although it may seem like this one-year-old zoo animal is slipping into a food coma after a big meal, you may be surprised to know that sloths don't eat much at all. It makes sense when you think about it! Sloths move incredibly slowly and have very slow metabolisms to match, so they only consume about 2.5 ounces of food each day.

Sloths primarily eat leaves from a number of different rainforest trees, but they will also occasionally eat flowers. They do need some diversity in their diet, which is why sloths primarily travel from tree to tree in tropical areas like Costa Rica, only coming to the ground about once a week to relieve themselves.

With this knowledge, Sol's sleepiness makes more sense, too. As precious as it is to catch him asleep with a leaf still in his mouth, I suppose it shouldn't be that much of a surprise! The zookeepers at the San Antonio Zoo witness all kinds of cuteness while raising sloths, but this has to be a memorable moment for the ages.

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