Slip Some French Fries Into Your Next Burrito For A Salty Crunch

Finished California-style burrito in foil
Finished California-style burrito in foil - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

A burrito can make for a satisfying and hearty lunch or dinner, especially when customized with all of your favorite fillings. While you're likely to include staples such as beans, rice, and protein, there's one unexpected ingredient that will pack a punch to your burrito that you're likely missing out on: french fries.

Whether you go for a freshly homemade or frozen variety, fries bring in a salty, savory crunch that pairs perfectly with all of the typical burrito ingredients. You can customize your burrito with any desired fillings -- the fries will work well alongside just about any combo of beans, veggies, and meat. For some inspiration, try Tasting Table's recipe for a California-style carne asada burrito pairs french fries with lime-infused rice, pico de gallo, avocado, and, of course, carne asada. French fries also make a perfect filling for breakfast burritos -- last night's leftover fries are the ultimate simple swap for home fries.

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What Types Of Fries Work In The Burrito?

Fries and other fillings atop a tortilla
Fries and other fillings atop a tortilla - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

One of the best things about fries is how many different types and variations there are -- many of which will work well in your burrito. Plain old salted fried spuds will get the job done every time, but why not get creative with it and season your fries for an even more over-the-top burrito experience. For example, maybe you want a bit of a spicy kick with the inclusion of paprika, chili powder, or Old Bay, which would be great in a seafood burrito.

Additionally, you can play around with the various cuts of fries -- there's no need to stick to just the standard cut. Maybe you want your fries to provide the crunchiest bite possible in the burrito, you can opt for shoestring fries or triple-cooked fries. On the other side of things, if you're okay with a little less crunch but still want the flavor of fries in your burrito, you can opt for steak-cut or crinkle-cut fries. You can even reach for fry-adjacent potato items, such as tater tots or a torn-up hash brown. Or, if you're looking for a touch of subtle sweetness, you can opt instead for sweet potato fries, which will still provide that extra crunch that you're looking for in the burrito.

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