Skylar Rolls Out New Product Formulas, Packaging

Skylar may have been a pioneer in clean fragrance when it launched four years ago, but now it’s looking to push the envelope even further.

Skylar is completely revamping its product assortment, which will launch today on the brand’s website. By the end of the year, its evolved assortment — which includes both personal and home fragrances — will be available at Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Hudson’s Bay and Revolve.

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The impetus for the brand’s next incarnation, which will now include a new logo, stronger concentrations, more ingredient transparency and sustainably minded packaging, was increased innovation in the market, said founder Cat Chen.

“We want to get ahead of innovation from a formulation perspective, and we feel there’s some issues with the clean fragrance space that we just feel like we can better address,” Chen said.

One of the historical pain points in clean fragrance Chen is hoping to mitigate is the durability of the scent. “Historically, one of the grievances that consumers complain about is that the smell doesn’t last all day. That’s something we address with our formulation. We were previously all eau de toilette, and now we’re eau de parfum.”

Chen didn’t stop there — she didn’t want the new formulas’ potency to damage reactive skin. “We actually took out and completely eliminated 36 allergens, including the 26 allergens that the EU prohibits plus 10 common culprits. Not only are our fragrances hypoallergenic, but also third-party lab tested and certified, safe for sensitive skin.” she said.

Consumers can research every formula more thoroughly, too, on the brand’s website. “Every single one of the molecules, every single one of the ingredients, and why we use it. That’s a lot of transparency. Consumers are savvy and they’re curious so we want to be very transparent,” she said.

Along with new formulas and the new logo, the new packaging is in the shape of a cloud, with each bottle being blown by hand. The reason for new packaging wasn’t purely aesthetic. “Typically perfume bottles are actually not recyclable, I would say 95 percent of the pumps and bottles are made of different materials. We will have recycling instructions on our website, and all the boxes are 100 percent recyclable,” Chen said.

To round out the revamped assortment, Chen is also adding new products to Skylar’s lineup. “We’re also introducing new fragrances, we have our brand new Pink Canyon and Fall Cashmere launching. Pink Canyon is salt and grapefruit, and Fall Cashmere is spicy chai latte for moms. Both will be joining our collection, and we also have candles launching for preorder on Aug. 26 in some of our top-selling scents,” she said.

Industry sources estimate the revamped line to have strong strategic implications for the brand, predicting it to do $25 million in revenue next year — up 50 percent year-over-year.


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