The Sky Today, September 23, 2022

·1 min read

At 12:53 a.m.: The moon enters Virgo, and the moon void of course ends

After midnight, the moon enters Virgo and exits its void of course which began yesterday morning. Over the next two days, we feel emotionally regulated when everything is running like clockwork. The only problem is that life rarely adheres to our personal schedule or aligns with our expectations!  Our desire for perfection, and its lack of attainment, can disturb us now. This is a good time to attend to routine business and detail work. Logistical activities can help calm our nerves if we find ourselves spiraling into judgmental or critical thinking. Consider tidying up around the house, organizing a bookshelf, or cleaning out your closet!

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At 5:04 a.m.: Mercury enters Virgo

In the morning, Mercury enters Virgo in retrograde motion, a territory it last traversed on August 25. Look back to this date to make connections! An event or interaction that took place around this time may now be brought up for reflection. History repeats. Eerily similar conversations occur. It is even possible that we will rethink some Virgo-style rituals or routines that are no longer working for us.  Although we may arrive at certain “a-ha!” conclusions, we are still in a retrograde review phase, so acknowledge discoveries without acting on them just yet. Discussions may help to clarify our ideas or opinions, but we should beware of being overly judgmental of ourselves or others. No one has all the answers right now. Let curiosity, not criticism, guide your choices. 

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