The Sky Today, May 13, 2023

At 7:44 a.m.: The moon is sextile Mercury

In the morning, the moon sextiles Mercury, aiding in compassionate communication. Mercury is still retrograde, which impedes us from delivering thoughts as coherently as we’d like. However, the moon now in Pisces deals in non-verbal cues, and Mercury in sensual Taurus creates an environment that facilitates open-hearted discussions.  Due to this sweet combination, we get our point across even if we don’t have the right words. Understanding is demonstrated with simple gestures. All we require to feel secure is to sit in the presence of someone who cares. If we have something important to say, this is one of those moments where less is more!

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At 8:12 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Saturn

Following this, the moon aligns with Saturn, forcing us to put our feelings on the back burner. We could be called upon to handle business or attend to responsibilities without permitting emotions to distract us. Although we might feel a bit down now, we also have a great ability to overcome personal challenges or spiritual conundrums. The sooner that we resolve these issues, the sooner we can get back to relationship matters!

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