The Sky Today, May 1, 2023

At 10:09 a.m.: Pluto goes retrograde in Aquarius

In the morning, Pluto stations retrograde! The planet of transformation will backtrack until October 10, sliding into Capricorn in the process. Although Pluto will remain in Aquarius until June 10, this transitional period marks an occasion of increased personal and collective introspection.  The subconscious seas are churning. Change is afoot. The “writing is on the wall.” We are called to reconsider how we want to live our lives going forward. Do we wish to be on the right side of history? Strive to make elections from a place of power instead of a place of fear.   

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At 4:28 p.m.: The sun is conjunct Mercury

In the late afternoon, the Taurus sun and Mercury align in their inferior conjunction, engendering important revelations. Suddenly, clarity pierces through the clouds of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. It becomes obvious what we must do!  Awareness may be stimulated through an important conversation or exchange, reading something in the news, or receiving surprise correspondence. Our co-creative capacity with the universe is activated. With this new idea or conviction in mind, we have an objective to anchor to for the remainder of Mercury’s retrograde spin. 

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