The Sky Today, January 25, 2022

·1 min read

At 5:41 a.m.: The moon is square the sun

In the morning, the Scorpio moon squares the Aquarius sun, creating tension between our emotions and ego. The last quarter moon guides us to reflect on events that transpired during the January 17 Cancer full moon, which necessitated placing our needs on an equal playing field with the help we offer others. As the moon wanes, we release the expectation to give of ourselves in unwise or self-negating ways. Now, we are setting our sights on the future, and to this end, we might struggle with how to make an impact while maintaining our privacy. How can we stay objective while feeling deeply? Remember that putting ourselves first means situating ourselves for success by taking up space. It is okay to desire and to allow that desire to motivate us to achieve something bigger.

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At 2:52 p.m.: The moon is opposite Uranus

By mid-afternoon, the moon opposes Uranus in Taurus, triggering impulsive reactions. Whether to respond to a real or perceived slight, we meet conflict in a cutting, icy manner, which does nothing but perpetuate discord. Our instincts lead us astray and our best plans to connect with others deliver lackluster results. A lesson can be learned if we seek to see past our own prejudices, but emotions may be running too high, causing even basic interactions to be internalized as an attack or threat to our security.

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