The Sky Today, January 24, 2022

At 4:53 a.m.: Mars enters Capricorn

In the morning, Mars exits Sagittarius, where it has been traveling since December 13, to enter Capricorn. If Mars in the sign of the Archer was all about pursuing experience, Mars in Capricorn instructs us to chase our ambitions! The warrior planet is exalted in this ambitious sign, able to capitalize on the Sea-Goat’s tenacity, perseverance, and honor. With its ingress, we lose the influence of planets in fire signs, save for the asteroid Chiron, suggesting an apparent absence of enthusiasm. However, what we lack in firepower, we make up for in temperance and steady determination. Over the next few weeks, we may be content to put our heads down and work deliberately towards the achievement of a specific goal. A grounded focus helps us get surgical in our aims and make true progress, manifesting magic in real time!

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At 8:09 a.m.: Juno is conjunct Pluto

Later on, Juno aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, a transit that most strongly affects our relational commitments. Especially within marriages, we are instructed to revise our contracts. This influence can signal a need to part ways if we no longer share the same priorities. Jealousies can erupt at this time—alternative, infidelities might be exposed. However, Juno-Pluto can also present an opportunity to renew vows, considering ways we have changed as individuals. Both Mercury and Venus’ retrograde spins are encouraging us to get really clear about our values, desires, and communication methods. The Juno-Pluto conjunction intensifies analysis already in progress. For singles, this might be a time of fated attractions, potent sexual encounters, or obsessions. Follow your passion, but remember not to make final commitments until after Venus and Mercury station direct.

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