The Sky Today, February 18, 2023

At 2:34 p.m.: The sun enters Pisces

Mid-afternoon, the sun enters Pisces, the sign of the mystic and idealist. Over the next month, we shine brightest when we are in tune with our spiritual and creative side. Here, our ego drives are mitigated, allowing us to experience greater compassion for those around us.  Aquarius season already shifted our attention to the needs of those within our communities. Yet in Pisces season, boundary lines blur, making us more sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions. This altruistic bent causes us to see life in poetic terms. Resultingly, it is a perfect time for artistic types to flex their creative muscles!  However, when boundary lines blur, we may have to be more vigilant of who we trust, or the ventures we sign our names to. Who deserves your devotion? Certain relationships may be better in theory than in practice. We can also identify too much with the martyr archetype under this influence, especially if we expect rewards or “credit” for selfless actions. 

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At 2:35 p.m.: The moon is conjunct Mercury

Just a minute late, the Aquarius moon aligns with Mercury, helping us to emotionally connect with others. This is an ideal time for heart-to-hearts. During this transit, we run the risk of getting overly attached to our beliefs, however, the meeting of these planets in Aquarius allows us to remain more level-headed than usual. Still, we might be subject to sentimental mood swings, and in combination with the sun’s ingress into Pisces, be aware that feelings can cloud our judgment. 

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