The Sky Today, December 29, 2022

At 1:32 a.m.: Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn

After midnight, messenger-planet Mercury stations retrograde for the final time this year in pragmatic Capricorn! As this station coincides with the new year, we may opt to be a bit more flexible in setting our resolutions for 2023 now. At the very least, consider leaving them open to revision until Mercury stations direct on January 18.  Mercury retrograde will do its thing: provoking misunderstandings, crashing electronics, and causing us to voice sentiments at inopportune times. Most of all, it will force us to reflect upon our goals. As we make decisions heading into January, treat yourself with patience and give others a bit of grace. Don’t get down on yourself if you aren’t immediately successful on your first attempt at a new venture.

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At 2:36 a.m.: The moon enters Aries, and the moon void of course ends

Following this, the moon enters Aries, ending its void of course which began last night. Over the next two days, the moon and Jupiter are the only planets transiting fire signs. With so many planets in earth signs now, we need this extra boost of enthusiasm to keep us motivated! To optimally channel this energy, seek out physical activities to get your body moving. Especially in the Northern Hemisphere, these colder months can turn us into couch potatoes. Get your circulation going and watch as your mood is boosted!

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