The Sky Today, August 17, 2021

At 6:31 a.m.: The sun is inconjunct Pluto

In the morning, the Leo sun forms an aggravating inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn. Matters may feel like they are spiraling out of our control. While we are trying to keep up appearances or sell ourselves as confident or creatively inspired, we are simultaneously haunted by existential fears that our grand presentation could slip through our fingers at any moment. We are being called to think more critically about our image and identity—a medicine that we want to avoid at all costs! The thought that we must adapt threatens to destroy the curated illusion of having everything together, and we can’t help but take this personally. The truth is that change is required, not because we are somehow flawed, but because it is time for us to level up. If we believe that we have “arrived,” or that we are “complete,” we will thwart opportunities for evolution. Don’t be afraid of self-work. The more we try to evade it, the more we will be magnetically pulled into the orbit of our destiny.

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At 10:19 a.m.: The moon is square Neptune

Later in the morning, the Sagittarius moon squares Neptune in Pisces, preventing us from seeing matters clearly. Our optimism is at an all-time high, and we are probably surrounding ourselves only with those who echo our beliefs. In this ideological feedback loop, the more we look outside of ourselves, the more we find our philosophies reflected back to us in a distorted or inflated way. We can easily jump from assumption A to assumption E or F at this time, and others may take advantage of our gullibility by getting us to agree to things that we would not if we were in a more skeptical frame of mind. Use an abundance of caution here.

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