Skip the salon with these versatile hair extensions

Cutting your own bangs can be risky, these faux bangs take out the guesswork

Video Transcript

- I'm going to look so good with bangs. I got this. No, I don't got this. Who gave me scissors? Bad idea, bad idea. I've got fake bangs.


Hey there and welcome back to In" The Know: Make Me Up", where I try all the viral beauty trends so you don't have to. I am wearing this gorgeous clip-in hairpiece. I decided a while ago that I want to get bangs, and then I was, like, mm, maybe not. Sometimes I feel like I just want to chop all my hair off and then I realize, don't do that.

This company right here has changed the game for me. It's called Insert Name Here. No, that's actually the name, Insert Name Here. And this company is all about creating pieces that are meant to be wearable, that look just so effortless, so real, so authentic.

Like, excuse me, who is this person? I did not wake up like this. Literally, these were put in my head. They come in so many different colors and are super easy to apply.

This is called The [? Zoe. ?] Look at her. She is so cute. It's 4 inches of fringe and then 14 inches of feathered, blend-able sides. What I'm like about this can also bring these to the salon, so you can get them kind of custom fitted and framed for your face.

If you are someone who has a lot of color on your hair, you can also get these exactly matched. It is 100% human hair, so you can style it, you can put heat on it, you can color it, you can wash it. So you're probably wondering, right now, this girl on the internet is holding someone else's hair, and you would be correct. But what you're probably also wondering is, how do you put this in?

What I would do is I would put my hair in a center part or whatever part you like, and you're going to pop that top clip in and then you're going to clip in these back pieces. I like to kind of mess them up a little bit so they look a little more like '60s vibes, but you can also do that little curtain bang so you can look like an Instagram "it girl". These clip on bangs have definitely been a game changer.

But speaking of game changers, I have to talk to you about the ponytail of all ponytails. It's called The Lola and it's from Insert Name Here. It is absolutely stunning, 100% human hair, and it comes in so many different shades, so you can definitely get one that matches exactly yours.

It comes with two little Bobby pins. So everything you need is literally already here. So you're going to start with your hair in an either low ponytail or a high ponytail. You could even do a ponytail and then braid it if you want to get real fancy.

And then you're going to wrap this baby around that ponytail elastic. It's got this really easy comb that you can just plop in. And then you're going to take this extra hair that they so thoughtfully created on the side and wrap it around to cover the elastic.

So you'll see that when it's actually alive and in my hair, but I just wanted to show you how easy it is. All right, let's go. All right, so I've just clipped it in with that little, helpful clip, and now we've got the pony wrapped around.

We've got this extra piece. Going to wrap it around once, now twice around this elastic, just to cover it. And also, this is really going to secure the clip on to my hair overall. So I've wrapped it about three times and I'm going to take these super strong Bobby pins that the kit came with and pin them right at the base.

It's really going to help this hair feel solid so I can dance and do all the things that I want to do. Beautiful. So now I've got it. I'm going to pull this to get it up.

It looks so good. I feel like a whole new woman. I've got bangs, I've got hair. It's shiny. It's really pretty.


All right, all, this has been "In The Know: Make Me Up." I'm Melanie and voila. I got to go and maybe admire my hair some more. It's really important business. I've got a lot of business to do.