Skip the salon with these versatile hair extensions

Cutting your own bangs can be risky, these faux bangs take out the guesswork

Video Transcript

- Hey there, and welcome back to "In The Know, Make Me Up," where I try all the viral beauty trends so you don't have to. I am wearing this gorgeous clip-in hairpiece. This company right here has changed the game for me. It's called Insert Name Here. They come in so many different colors and are super easy to apply.

This is called the Zoe. What I would do is I would put my hair in a center part or whatever part you like, and you're going to pop that top clip in. And then you're going to clip in these back pieces. These clip-on bangs have definitely been a game changer.

But speaking of game changers, I have to talk to you about the ponytail of all ponytails. It's called the Lola. It comes with two little Bobby pins, so everything you need is literally already here.

So you're going to start with your hair in a either low ponytail or a high ponytail. And then you're going to wrap this baby around that ponytail elastic. It's got this really easy comb that you can just plop in. And then you're going to take this extra hair and wrap it around to cover the elastic.

All right, so I've just clipped it in with that little helpful clip. I'm gonna wrap it around once, now twice around this elastic. And I'm going to take these super strong Bobby pins that the kit came with and pin them right at the base. It looks so good.

All right, all, this has been "In The Know, Make Me Up." I'm Melanie. And well, I got to go and maybe admire my hair some more? It's really important business. I've got a lot of business to do.