Skip the Irish Cream This St. Paddy’s Day and Drink This Mint Chocolate Whiskey Coffee Instead

dark spirits mint chocolate whiskey
Brew Mint Chocolate Whiskey Coffee for St. Paddy’sBest Products; Courtesy Death Wish Coffee Co.

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When you think of St. Patrick’s day, food and drinks that might come to mind are the Shamrock shake, a bottle of Guinness, some whiskey, corned beef and cabbage, and Irish soda bread. With Death Wish Coffee Co.’s newest flavor, coffee might just get on that list, too.

Launched in 2012, Death Wish Coffee Co. has since been serving up coffee that's anything but lifeless. They have traditional types of beans and grounds: espresso roast, medium roast, Columbian blend, etc. But they also have fun varieties, like the blueberry-forward Blue and Buried. The brand’s latest drop is one of these fun varieties.

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Dark Spirits Mint Chocolate Whiskey


The newest flavor in Death Wish Coffee’s Dark Spirits line is the St. Paddy’s Day-centric Barrel-Aged Mint Chocolate Whiskey coffee beans. To be clear, no whiskey is actually used here—so for those who are not big drinkers, this might be the way to go this St. Patrick’s Day.

The oaky notes in these beans are from the whiskey barrels they were aged in. Though, as one reviewer noted, mint chocolate is the more potent flavor here. To complement that sweet, aromatic flavor, Death Wish Coffee decided to go with a medium roast for these beans—which, as the National Coffee Association says, is ironically also called the American roast. We won’t hold it against Death Wish Coffee—we like what we like!

dark spirits mint chocolate whiskey
Death Wish Coffee Co.

So buy a bag or two of these limited-edition beans to give to your favorite Irish friend, or hoard a few for yourself so you can keep the lucky vibes going well into spring. And if a splash of Bailey’s just so happens to find its way into your freshly brewed cup of mint chocolate coffee, we won't blame you.

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