This 'skinny house' has unbelievable proportions — and it's for sale

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a house that looks it could be blown over by a light gust of wind, well, now’s your chance. The two-bedroom, three-bath house known as the “pie house” was put on the market in Deerfield, Illinois for just under $270,000. And while that’s certainly a bargain for a spacious piece of real estate in suburban Chicago, the house requires an open-minded buyer, seeing as it’s extremely … narrow. Recently, the “pie house” made its debut on TikTok thanks to user eli.korn_. On August 6, he shot a video outside the “skinny house,” racking up more than 284,000 likes in just one day. The house, which is supposedly good for a “first-time homeowner,” looks normal enough — until you look at it from the side. That’s when you realize that, while the height and length are normal, the width of the house is almost nonexistent. Though the “skinny house” looks like it could barely fit a folding table, photos of the interior show that it’s actually quite spacious — and nice! — inside. Like they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover!