Skim Boarding Bull Terrier Is Riding Straight Into Viral Fame

What can’t dogs do?

Every day we see videos of dogs that blow us away with their intelligence and talents. We’re just wondering how that skipped over our dogs because all they know how to do is beg for food. Maybe if we show our fur babies enough videos, they’ll start doing some cool tricks. LOL!

The latest dog to shock us with incredibly cool skills comes from a Bull Terrier named Rufus. This dog, known on TikTok as @minibullrufus, might as well be part fish with how great he is in the water. He’s truly riding straight into viral fame. Take a look!

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O.M.G. How in the world did this dog owner figure out Rufus could skim board?! We’re so jealous because we can’t even skimboard, let alone our dogs. LOL! He’s a born water dog and to say we’re jealous is the understatement of the year. Also, we have to note that the music choice for this video is spot on!

“Living his best life,” commented @lizpalmer1980. Heck, he’s out here living a better life than all of us! @kat.ann.bigs added, “I love that dogs are cooler than I am.” HA! Did anyone expect them to not be cooler than us?! We love that dogs are so fearless and are up for anything. They don’t care what they’re doing, as long as they’re with their owners.

We’re so glad the warmer weather is here to stay because that means we get to see more dogs playing in the water. Heck, maybe we’ll get lucky enough and see a dog riding a water flyboard while we’re out and about this summer.

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