Skier Is Seemingly Unphased After Violently Crashing

Skiing's funny in that it's possible to have an incredibly violent crash and somehow walk away unscathed.

Case in point: this clip from last season of @finbardoig absolutely eating it and then bouncing up as if nothing happened.

That was heavy. You know a crash is proper when it involves gear flying through the air. It looks like @finbardoig lost everything that wasn't tied down. Skis? Yep. Poles? Uh-huh. Goggles?! Those too.

What's so interesting about this crash is that the proceeding trick went so well. @finbardoig effortlessly floated that backflip and took it perfectly to his feet. Yet, it looks like he got the landing angle ever-so-slightly wrong and faced the consequences.

I imagine the shock of this crash was worse than the crash itself. There's nothing like thinking you'll stomp a trick before suddenly getting thrown into the washing machine. It's the skiing equivalent of a jump scare.

And luckily, that's all this crash amounted to for @finbardoig. It was a quick gut check, a reminder that if you screw around for long enough, you're probably going to find out. It's a fact of life: no matter how dialed you think you are, crashing and skiing go together like PB and J.

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