Skier Learns How Not To Drop Into Corbet's Couloir

Few runs fully test a skier's skills like Corbet's Couloir, an imposing and well-known run at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

While there technically isn't a right way (you can either air into or take the goat's path) to ski the Couloir, this clip shows what happens if you fail to commit fully. Sliding predictably ensues.

Is this really the 'best' Corbet's drop out there? Probably not, particularly when you consider the existence of the Kings & Queens of Corbet's, a competition that sees pros flipping and spinning their way into this imposing run.

But the uploader of this video knows that. In the video's title card, he slid a sneaky in parenthesis "worst" next to the word "best." Guy's got a sense of humor about not making it down on two feet.

Perhaps my favorite part of this video is its relatability. Most of us don't have the skills to launch a double backflip of Corbet's headwall. However, a large percentage of advanced intermediate and expert skiers have the skiing know-how to at least attempt the mellower goat's path.

While these attempts don't always end successfully, when it comes to Corbet's, it's the trying that counts. The title of "Corbet's Survivor" applies whether you make it down with your skis attached or not. A Corbet's bum slide is worth celebrating, too.

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