Skeleton Key Pumpkin Stencils

The key to success for these pumpkin stencils is knowing which keys to etch and which to carve. The two smaller keys' straightforward outlines make them ideal for carving and illuminating with candlelight. We recommend etching the larger, more detailed key stencil for less risk of breakage.

To carve:

1. Hollow out three pumpkins, two small and one large. Print the free stencil patterns and tape them to the pumpkins, using the photo as a placement guide.

2. Use a pin tool to gently tap pin pricks along the stencil outlines into the pumpkins, keeping prick marks closely spaced. Remove printed stencils from the pumpkins after all lines have been traced.

3. For the two smaller key designs, use a thin, serrated knife to carve along the pin pricks. Cut completely through the wall of the pumpkin, and pop out the cutout section afterward by pressing from the pumpkin's interior. Illuminate the pumpkins with electric candles.

4. For the larger key design, use a scraping or gouging tool to gently peel away the pumpkin's surface skin, revealing the light-colored rind underneath.