Sister refuses to be maid of honor after being told she can’t bring her family: ‘What a hypocrite’

A maid of honor (MOH) pulled out of a wedding because she had children “born outside of marriage.”

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She has two children with her boyfriend of 10 years. Her sister Nina has two children from a previous boyfriend and is pregnant with her current fiance Dan’s child. Nina and Dan have been together for two years.

Nina asked the Reddit poster to be her maid of honor. This required the Reddit poster to purchase her own custom dress. Things seemed fine until she discovered Nina had uninvited her boyfriend and children from the wedding.

“When I have asked her what is wrong she said she doesn’t feel comfortable having my bf at her wedding because we are still not married and since the twins were born outside of marriage, they can’t come in too,” the Reddit poster said.

She reminded Nina that all of her children were born the same way. Nina said she “understood her sins and is working to redeem them.” The Reddit poster along with the bridesmaids who had their partners and children uninvited for the same reasons pulled out of the wedding.

Now, the issue is that Nina (and their parents) expect the Reddit poster to forfeit the maid of honor dress for the person replacing her as the maid of honor.

Redditors sided with the maid of honor on the issue.

“I would throw everything right back to the parents what a hypocrite she is for her actions ruining her big day,” a person wrote.

“That’s cruel of her,” another said.

“Your sister is serving holier than thou hypocrite vibes,” someone commented.

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