Sisley's Six New Scents Prove Fragrance Runs in the Family

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Sisley Paris Has Six New ScentsSisley Paris

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In 1976, Hubert d’Ornano bought a small French perfume line, renamed it Sisley (for painter Alfred Sisley), and, along with his wife, Isabelle, expanded the brand’s focus beyond fragrance to include skincare, makeup, and hair care. While its product portfolio is broad, the brand is best known for its skin-plumping Black Rose skincare line. Today, Sisley is a global beauty company run by their son Philippe d’Ornano.

The brand's latest launch, Les Eaux Rêvées, is a reimagined collection of six fragrances also dubbed "Dream Waters," and are inspired by members of the family (four scents are named after the d’Ornano grandchildren). In particular, the newest of the scents is called L’Eau Rêvée d’Hubert which honors Hubert’s love of fragrance.

L’Eau Rêvée d’Hubert is a fresh, green scent that features a climbing geranium that Isabelle cultivated at their family’s country home and that Hubert loved. “My parents were together for more than 50 years,” says Christine d’Ornano, Sisley’s global vice president and a daughter of Hubert and Isabelle. “They did everything together, and now my mother has helped create this geranium fragrance for my father.”

In many ways creating a collection of scents to honor the family, especially Hubert, just makes sense. When Christine thinks about her father, one of her most prominent memories that she recalls is of him spraying the brand's, Eau de Campagne, fragrance on his handkerchief and carrying it in his pocket. “I had this stint in the hospital when I was 10, and he came with his handkerchief and gave it to me,” says d’Ornano. “It was comforting and very original too, and very much like my father.”

The Les Eaux Rêvées collection is now available on

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