SirenXX Talks Red Lipstick and Singing With Your BFF


Kat Ostenberg and Skyler Stonestreet make up the LA-based band sirenXX. (Photo: Instagram)

If you’re in the mood for catchy, dreamy pop vocals, look no further than LA-based duo sirenXX. Skyler Stonestreet and Kat Ostenberg teamed up in January 2014 to form the group, releasing their first single, “I Think I Like You” in April of the same year. The song quickly shot to the #1 spot on the Hype Machine charts and left them with a Warner Bros record deal. A few months later, they co-wrote the viral hit “Kanye” with The Chainsmokers, which has over 26 million plays on Spotify. We caught up with the bubbly duo at Lollapalooza, where they played the BMI Stage, to talk everything from performing together to their favorite shades of red lipstick.

Alexandra Perron: Was music something you were always pursuing together? How did sirenXX come about?

Skyler Stonestreet: We were pursuing it solo for a long time, we were each doing our own thing, and we came together and wrote just for fun one day. We didn’t have any intentions of becoming this thing, but it was going so well and it was so natural. It was strange how much we understood each other, and then we thought, “let’s do this.”

How long were your friends before you started playing music together?

Kat Ostenberg: We’ve known each other for five or six years.

Stonestreet: We’ve written on and off for other things, but never just sat down to write a song and see what happens.

Ostenberg: It was so random. I emailed her out of the blue and said, “Remember this song we wrote in my kitchen? Want to hang out?” And then we started hanging out everyday.

What was it like to have your single, “I Think I Like You” come out and then days later be approached by record labels?

Stonestreet: It was very crazy and unexpected. We loved this song — we were so excited and really proud of it. The response was so great. We were in Warner Brothers office six days later.

Ostenberg: Now our record is coming out in October and we are super pumped.

What can people expect from the new album?

Ostenberg: It’s girly, but tough and fun. It’s original.

Stonestreet: And we are very excited because some of the songs we haven’t played live yet we are debuting at Lollapalooza.

What’s it like playing a festival this big?

Stonestreet: We are so excited. The crowd is so different and so amazing and such music lovers. Everyone is so happy to be here, it’s just a different experience. Even just to watch the other bands. It’s our first time here, so it’s going to be great to debut some of these new songs.

Ostenberg: Even to just be on a list with this group of musicians is so nuts and awesome.

The festival definitely has a great vibe. It’s really diverse. I feel like there aren’t a ton of girl duos anymore. What’s it like performing together and working together?

Stonestreet: Doing it solo was a very different experience. Coming together was so much fun.

Ostenberg: People have asked us when they see us on stage, “Are you guys sisters?” I think we have a natural chemistry that works so well. I can’t imagine doing it alone.

It’s so good to have that support system. What is your style like on stage? Do you have a signature?

Stonestreet: The energy is really high. There is a lot of hair flipping.

Well then you need good hair products! What are you guys loving?

Stonestreet: I love Davines!

Ostenberg: The Glossier Skin Tint is great for performing because it’s light and fresh.


Ostenberg and Stonestreet at Lollapalooza. (Photo: Yahoo Beauty)

And Skyler, are you always in red lip? Every photo of you I see you have a bright lip…

Stonestreet: I love a red lip. And a hot pink. I feel like I’ve been on a matte train lately.

Ostenberg: Nars Heat Wave and Schiap are good.

And what about beauty from the inside? What’s your wellness philosophy?

Ostenberg: Apple cider vinegar is really good for us to drink.

Stonestreet: I’m really into juices and healthy stuff. With a hint of tequila.

And a side of french fries…

Ostenberg: It balances it out!  


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