Who sings the viral oldies song ‘I’m So in Love With Her’?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, TikTokers try their best to clarify expectations with their partners. People want to be surprised, wined, dined and posted about on social media — and this song is helping communicate their expectations.

The trending song is reminiscent of old 70’s soul songs — from the falsettos to the harmonies. The three men singing above are becoming the soundtrack to the upcoming romantic holiday. Yet, this version isn’t on streaming services — so who is singing the song, and where did it come from?

The song that everyone is falling in love with is the Futures’ “Love is Here,” from 1972. They were a quintet based in Philadelphia, PA, who recorded just three albums before breaking up.

Regarding the TikTok version, the sound was posted by @85dasouthofdashow, but the video itself is seven years old. The men singing in the video go by the name CHOICE.

On TikTok, the sound has over 12,000 videos credited to it, with several of them going viral.

“Yoooo that sound definitely was a hit in the 70s,” said @blaq_magic.

“This is how my grandpa bagged my grandma at a talent show,” joked @zizathediiva.

Users are taking this acapella love song and applying it to Valentine’s Day — hoping to manifest a great day.

“This is how delusional I am,” said @refilwe_letsapa.

Even outside of Valentine’s Day, TikTokers are creative with this audio.

“Me and my cousin trying to convince my parents to have a sleepover,” said @maya_nathan123.

Whether performing for love or packages, CHOICE has provided TikTok with a charming anthem to get what you want.

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