Singles’ Day Is the Huge Shopping Holiday You Didn’t See Coming

Mia Maguire
·1 min read

Held yearly on November 11, Singles’ Day—which got its name because the date consists of four number ones—was created by Chinese college students in the ’90s to celebrate being romantically unattached and to party with your single pals. But like most holidays in this world, it’s turned into a mega opportunity for retailers, with Singles’ Day now one of the most gangbusters 24-hour online shopping bonanzas in the world.

Despite some critics’ comments that the “holiday” preys on the insecurities of single women, it’s difficult to imagine most Americans thinking too hard about the rationale behind a good deal, if they know they can get that new couch or bag or plane ticket for 30 percent off. As a single woman myself, I for one am...

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