Single mom of two servicemen gets pampered for Veterans Day

Meet Susan Hudik, the single mother of two servicemen. On this Veterans Day, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tehrani treats Susan to a full day of pampering so she is looking and feeling her best for the next time she reuintes with her sons on Thanksgiving. He also shares some at-home tips and products to keep our skin feeling fresh and young.

Video Transcript

SUSAN HUDIK: My name is Susan Hudik, and I'm a single mother of two children who have been serving our country in the military for over nine years. Being a military mother can be stressful, and I don't have as much time to myself as I like.

KEVIN TEHRANI: I feel honored to give back to her and to make her feel better for a big Thanksgiving dinner that she's hosting for them. So we're going to share some tidbits of after-pandemic sprucing for her and for you guys at home.

So starting a chemical peel to start off fresh with a nice peel of her skin to help with the pore size, help with the redness, pigmentation change is the first step.

Medical-grade skin care and medical-grade skin peels used to be done only at the office. One of the positives of the pandemic has been the fact that we have to reformulate things and be able to have procedures so you can actually have these medical-grade procedures in the comfort of your home with virtual help obviously from our medical staff in the office.

But a home regiment is as important if not more important because something you do yourself every day, every day in and out. So this is a triple-threat pad which has a glycolic acid to it. It overall slowly almost gives you a chemical peel at home to maintain and improve.

The ultra-C complex, on the other hand, is for a little bit of a younger skin, for the people that just want to do swipe and wipe and get home and take care of the skin and improve pore size, small wrinkles that can happen.

Next is vitamin B or Botox. People have been kept up at home. They're looking at Zoom. They're looking at their faces. They're looking at wrinkles, and those have been bothering them.

We don't want a frozen look. So it's all about something very subtle, small amount of Botox to relax the lines in the forehand, the crow's feet, to make things look a lot better.

So Botox, first timers typically lasts about three to four months. Then you go every six months. It is the number-one nonsurgical procedure done in the United States that's cosmetic. As long as it's done properly, naturally, nobody should know that you did anything.

So the most important thing you can do to your skin is to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. One of my favorites is EltaMD's skin protection zinc oxide, which is a sunscreen, broad spectrum. Stops UVA, UVB, zinc oxide, physical sunblock. It actually looks good on your skin too, so it doesn't look like it cakes [INAUDIBLE] on your face. So it's a really good thing to protect your skin.

SUSAN HUDIK: Oh wow. I have cheeks.

I can't believe how much these treatments helped. I feel 10 years younger.

KEVIN TEHRANI: It looks great. Elevate it for you. Lips are not too big. Just did a little bit of a enhancement to them. Folds are looking more beautiful. Botox will take a few days to kick in.