Singer Sabrina Carpenter faces backlash after 'gross' April Fools' prank falls flat at concert: 'Who told her this was a good idea?'

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Sabrina Carpenter is in some pretty hot water after pulling an April Fools’ Day prank on her fans that didn’t go over too well. In fact, people are still talking about it several days later.

During a performance in Salt Lake City over the weekend, the singer gave a seemingly improvised outro before the end of the concert. The lyrics, according to a now-viral TikTok, were: “Put your hands up if you live in Salt Lake/How do you get alcohol on Sundays?/I’m pregnant!/Happy April Fools’ Day.”

After joking that she was pregnant, the crowd got noticeably quiet.

“THE SILENCE,” one person commented on the TikTok, which was shared by @nataliejoyhixon.

“That crowd’s silence said ‘how do we feel about this’ REAL LOUD,” added another.

Though the audience screamed and cheered as soon as Carpenter announced it was all a joke, not everyone’s been laughing.

“Gross joke,” one person wrote in the comments.

“I thought we as a society grew out of April Fool’s pregnancy announcements,” added someone else.

It’s true — for years now, people have been calling out how incredibly un-funny (and often hurtful) these kinds of jokes can be. While they may sound harmless to some, they are pretty triggering for those who suffer from infertility, as well as anyone who’s experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

And yet, each year, like clockwork, we see another fake pregnancy announcement. Before Carpenter’s concert, in late March, JoJo Siwa was criticized for faking a pregnancy on her Snapchat.

Carpenter’s prank also drew controversy on Twitter, where even more people slammed her decision.

“Ooof, that’s some bad PR team she has,” one person tweeted. “Who told her this was a good idea? Incredibly insensitive to people who can’t get pregnant, have had miscarriages, or how about women currently pregnant but at high risk for losing the baby? Why are people so dumb?!”

“I thought literally everyone knew this was not an okay April fools joke?” said someone else.

At the same time, many commenters thought it wasn’t a big deal.

“y’all are so sensitive oh my god lol,” one person tweeted.

“a joke about being pregnant is not her or anyone mocking those who can’t get pregnant,” wrote someone else. “It’s a joke about your own body & everyone’s expectations & excitement. If you make it about yourself, that’s your problem. Y’all need to stop trying to make a problem where there isn’t one.”

As of now, the Carpenter hasn’t responded to the backlash.

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