Singer Jessie Reyez Made Her Fellow Canadians Proud With Her Maple Syrup Knowledge

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

A quick assumption about everyone on this here planet: If you like bougie, you can spot bougie from a mile away—and the same goes for a good bargain. I don’t make the rules here! So when singer Jessie Reyes revealed to us that she’s someone who has an eye for the deals, we just had to put her skills to the test in this episode of Expensive Taste Test.

There’s a clear distinction between $4 beer and $15—at least in my book. Jessie felt the same way because she didn’t even need to try the more expensive beer to know which was which. Baller. Status. Oh, and she continued to slay from there. Jessie knocked out the scrunchy, bikini, and sneaker rounds with barely any pause. The woman just knew.

The hype took a turn, though, when we stumped her with microphones. Even after a singing trial on both mics, Jessie still couldn’t get it right. Despite that, let’s just say her homeland, Canada, would be VERY proud of her later in the video.

Make sure you download and listen to her latest album Before Love Came to Kill Us, streaming everywhere!

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