Singer draws 'crazy' response after remixing TikTok-famous song

As a singer with a lifetime of musical experience, Naïka was comfortable sharing her music with strangers, but was intimidated by TikTok. Now, Naïka laughs when she looks back on those feelings, because, as it turns out, posting on TikTok was one of the best career moves she ever made. “It’s crazy because basically, it changed my life,” she said. On September 4, Naïka posted her version of “Don’t Rush,” a TikTok-famous song by the U.K.-based hip-hop duo Young T & Bugsey. The TikTok, which features Naïka singing her own half-English, half-French lyrics over the song, was an instant hit. The video practically went viral overnight, drawing nearly 7 million views and leaving Naïka very understandably freaked out. “I posted it and I just woke up the next morning to a text from my manager that said, ‘Wake up! You went viral!’ And I was like, ‘There’s no way,’” she told In The Know. Things only got more surreal when Young T and Bugsey, the song’s creators, messaged Naïka about making her remix official. The duo released Naïka’s remix of “Don’t Rush” with a lyric video on September 28. For those looking to listen to more, her debut EP, “Lost in Paradise, Pt. 1” is out now