Simu Liu Breaks His Silence Over Shocking 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' Moment

Andy Richter dominated the premiere of Celebrity Jeopardy!, but it was Simu Liu who ultimately walked away as the season’s first champion. As it turns out, the Shang-Chi actor was just as surprised as folks watching from home.

During Sunday night’s debut of Celebrity Jeopardy!, host Mayim Bialik led Simu, Andy and SNL comedian Ego Nwodim through what initially appeared to be a runaway game. For most of the hour, it looked like past Celebrity Jeopardy! champion, Andy, was going to take home another win. But there was a shock when he incorrectly answered Final Jeopardy. While he was in first place with $21,100, his earnings went down to $18,900. Meanwhile, Simu bet all of his $11,600 winnings, which he guessed right and ended up with a total of $23,200.

The Marvel star was awarded the coveted title of champion, and he moved on to the Celebrity Jeopardy! semifinals.

Upon hearing this news, Simu was visually caught off guard. From his podium, his jaw dropped, and he threw his head into his hands in disbelief.

Reacting to his win, Jeopardy! fans immediately took to Twitter to share a whirlwind of emotions. Many couldn’t get over his hilarious reaction and the fact that he won in the last round.

“Simu Liu could NOT believe he won on #CelebrityJeopardy after an incredible turn of events 😂,” one person captioned a pic of him. “I was late watching #CelebrityJeopardy and I can't believe Simu Liu won! He couldn't believe it either! Comeback king!!! 😭,” another added. “NOBODY! And I mean NOBODY saw that coming. Holy s---. Good for Simu! #CelebrityJeopardy,” a different fan said.

What’s more, viewers weren’t alone in this sentiment. Simu also hopped on Twitter to share his thoughts about the moment. “Not me WINNING CELEBRITY JEOPARDY and realizing I could no longer make my dinner plans later that day because I had to compete in semis 😂😂😂,” he quipped.

As folks may know, the regular in-season show films five new episodes per day. By the sounds of it, Celebrity Jeopardy! is also following the same schedule. So, by that logic, Simu already knows how far he gets in the spinoff.

But we’ll have to keep tuning in to find out which of the 27 contestants snag the nine spots in the semifinals. From there, there will only be three spots in the finale before someone is crowned the ultimate Celebrity Jeopardy! champion and gets $1 million for a charity of their choice.

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