The Simshine Smart Baby Monitor Can Keep An Eye On Your Baby With Amazing Features And No Monthly Fees

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Simeshine has just released a new version of their Smart Baby Monitor, and it’s absolutely packed with features to make it worthy of any new parent’s attention. Not only that, but the $190 price tag is currently down to $160.65 thanks to a 15% clip coupon. A launch discount is always a nice thing, and it just makes the monitor that little bit more enticing.

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Along with the discount, there’s no hidden subscription with this monitor, and we all love a security camera with no subscription. It just means you know how much you’ll spend upfront, which is nice. However, the Smart Baby Monitor also has a lot of special features that could push it into the best baby monitors around.

This baby monitor has 2K video, which means you’ll be able to clearly see everything you want to see, but it can also check to make sure your little one is breathing, and even analyze their sleep thanks to the SimHome app. It means that you can time going to bed or going in to check on them when they’re in deep sleep and not risk waking them up. It also has full 360-degree rotation, and can even alert you when the kid accidentally covers their face or rolls over. It can even automatically play soothing music if it detects crying, which should help them get through the night.

The Simshine Smart Baby Monitor Watch Your Baby And Ease Your Mind
The Simshine Smart Baby Monitor Watch Your Baby And Ease Your Mind

Simshine Smart Baby Monitor

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The Simshine Smart Baby Monitor is full of features that’ll help new parents feel safer leaving their kids in their cots. It can tell you when they roll over, if their faces are covered, and even track the temperature too. The best part is that there are no hidden fees.

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