The Simpsons Abandons Long Running Joke

20th Television Animation
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It may have taken 750 episodes and 34 years, but The Simpsons have seemingly finally abandoned the running gag of Homer strangling his son Bart.

A clip is floating around the internet from episode three of Season 35 where Homer shakes the hand of a man who compliments his firm grip. Homer responds with, "See, Marge, strangling the boy paid off. Just kidding, I don't do that anymore. Times have changed."

Fans are remarking on the character development and sharing their thoughts on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Others, however, are not so happy. Saying the show has gone "soft" in the Disney age.

Having been on air for over three decades, audiences cannot be surprised that as times change, so will the show. The creators have adapted to acknowledge new lines of thinking just like any other long-running sitcom.

Recently, the Love Actually director expressed his regret for the lack of diversity in his films, and it's a common theme we are seeing in recent years where celebrities express remorse for perpetuating harmful stereotypes through their work.